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Ca De Medici

Wine Selection

Lambrusco Rosso 

Varietal: Lambrusco Maestri, Marani, Montericco, and Salamino.

Alcohol: 11%

Volume: 750ml

Description: After the grapes are pressed, they are transferred to fermentation tanks where the mosto is racked off in an average of 70 hours. The wine then completes its first rapid fermentation process and passes to the slower phase, during which time it is racked off several times to improve its clarity. The wine is placed in an autoclave at strictly controlled temperatures wherein it undergoes a second fermentation. This is known as the Charmat Method. The temperature is controlled for full development of the bouquet and for the lively and natural sparkle so characteristic of this wine.

Food Pairing: This amiable style rich and very grapey with a residual sugar is a great accompaniment for the local salty foods of the area of Emilia like prosciutto crudo, salami and mortadella. Its acidity cuts through the fat of the food leaving a clean palate.